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Greg Ulrich
Loan Officer, Loan Officer, NMLS LO ID # 254799
Direct: (817) 812-2287
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100% Financing


100% financing
There are a few loans available which still allow for 100% financing. If you only qualify for a loan that requires a down payment, give me a call or apply online and we can review your options. You may be surprised at what is allowed.
VA loans. VA stands for Veterans Administration. If you are active military or retired, check with us on how you qualify. The VA does allow you to get a loan with $0.00 down and the seller is allowed to pay towards your closing costs. Many Veterans believe that they are only allowed to use their entitlement one time and once used the entitlement is gone. This is simply not true. Discuss your concerns with me and we will get you the answers you need.
USDA loans. USDA stands for United States Department of Agriculture. This loan type is designated for rural areas and there are income qualifications you must be under. Again, the seller is eligible to contribute towards closing costs. The goal of this loan is to help provide housing for median income families in rural areas. A common misconception with regard to USDA is many borrowers believe this is a 100% financing option for working farms or there may be exceptions to property location. As always, please contact me with your questions and concerns.
Down Payment Assistance- Yes, there are programs available where certain cities will provide money for down payment and closing costs. As they are constantly changing and running in and out of money, we will need to review your exact specifications for where you are looking to buy and what program you may qualify for. Common misconceptions: “I can be out of pocket nothing.” Almost every program out there requires a contribution from you. “Even if I have bad credit I can qualify for these programs.” Every application we review is different and has to be reviewed for its merits. These programs are not designed to create a clean slate from previous credit abuse you may have.
Greg Ulrich, Loan Officer, Loan Officer, NMLS LO ID # 254799
Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp. NMLS Entity ID#2289
1340 S Main St, Suite 195, Grapevine, TX  76051
Direct:  (817) 812-2287
Fax:  (608) 234-2407
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